Teka | FIH 16760 TOS Modular Downdraft Hood in 51 cm with Touch Control


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VarioPro Series Modular hood in 51 cm with Touch Control

FreshAir function
3 speeds + intensive
EcoPower motor
Sound level: min.62 dB – max.67 dB

VarioPro Series

The VarioPro Series allows you to choose a setting according to your needs. The collection has different elements , which can be combined and used to create a unique kitchen. You can choose between induction hobs , gas , integrated extractor hood , Teppanyaki or Wok , so you don’t have to give up any cooking type you like.

VarioPro modular hood

Design and power go hand in hand. The hood is just where you need it , next to the hob , providing a quick and efficient extraction. The brushless motor , located at the base of the cabinet , minimizes noise , so you can enjoy what matters: cooking.

Designed to save

Complying with the energy criteria for Passive House homes , our extractor fans allow recirculation installation , avoiding the need for air vents to the outside and favouring insulation. This makes it possible to reduce the energy required for air conditioning in your home (In comparison to class D models).

Step-by-step installation

Learn how to install the modular VarioPro series by watching this video which will guide you through the installation process of all the elements.

Technical details

Urban Colors Edition
VarioPro Modular hood
Touch control
FreshAir function
Brushless EcoPower Motor
3 speeds + 1 intensive
Free Outlet exhaust capacity (m3/h): 630
Intensive speed exhaust capacity (m3/h): 600
Max speed exhaust capacity (m3/h): 540
Min speed exhaust capacity (m3/h): 415
Intensive speed sound level (dBA): 70
Max speed sound level (dBA): 67
Min speed sound level (dBA): 62
1 mesh washable filter
Stop delay timer
Filter saturation indicator
Operating pilot light
Optional recirculation kit with tube cover installation: RFH 36100 F0A
Optional Regenerative filter : R1RFB

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