PHILIPS Series 3000i Air Purifier - AC3033/10 - 520 m³/h clean air rate (CADR)


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Technical Specifications:

Weight: 6.8 kg

Dimensions (L*W*H): 290*290*645

Color(s): White , Light grey


Min. sound level (Sleep mode): 15 dB

Automatic mode: Yes

Cord length: 1.8 m

Sleep mode

Air quality feedback: Color ring , numerical

Auto-ambient light

Max. sound level (Turbo mode): 56dB (9)

Day modes: 4 (Auto , Speed 1 , Speed 2 , Turbo)

Night modes: 2 (Sleep , Allergy Sleep)

Energy efficiency

Max. power consumption: 55 W

Voltage: 230 V


App , connects via Wi-Fi: Clean Home+

Smartphone compatibility: iPhone and Android devices

Voice control: Alexa , Google Home (8)


Recommended filter change: 3 years (6)

Replacement filter: FY3430/30


CADR (Particle , GB/T): 520 m³/h

Room size (NRCC): Up to 135 m²

Filtration: HEPA , Active Carbon , Prefilter

Air quality sensor(s): PM2.5 particle , Gas

Particle filtration: 99.97% at 0.003 microns

Allergens filtration: 99.99%

Virus & aerosol filtration: 99.9%

*(1)From the air that passes through the filter , it is a theoretical time for one-time cleaning calculated by dividing its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 520 ㎥/h by the room size of 48 ㎥ (assuming the room is 20 ㎡ in floor area and 2.4 m in height).

*(2)CADR is tested by a certified third party lab , according GB/T18801-2015. Following improvements in our testing method and production quality control , we upgraded the CADR values of our products. If you buy a product where this info is not updated on the box yet , rest assured that the product performs at the higher specification mentioned online.

*(3)Microbial Reduction Rate Test conducted at Airmid Health group Ltd. tested in a 28.5 ㎥ test chamber contaminated with airborne influenza A(H1N1). An air purifier by itself does not protect against Covid-19 , but can be part of plan to protect yourself and your family (US Environmental Protection Agency)

*(4)From the air that passes through the filter , tested with NaCl aerosol by iUTA according to DIN71460-1.

*(5)Microbial Reduction Rate Test at external lab , in a test chamber contaminated with avian coronavirus (IBV) aerosols , with Philips HEPA NanoProtect filter.

*(6)The recommended service life for the device is based on a theoretical calculation of the average annual regional values ​​of harmful air particles outdoors and daily use of the air purifier for 16 hours in automatic mode.

*(7)Tested on the filter media for 1 pass efficiency at 5.33cm/s air flow , by a third party lab./From the air that passes through the filter , tested to JISB 9908-2018

*(8)Alexa and Google Home availability depends on your location

*(9)The calculated average sound pressure at 1.5 meter from the device , based on measurements according to IEC 60704. Sound pressure level depends on the room construction , decoration and positioning of device and listener.

*(10) As tested in a real-life setup , with dust resuspended by a person stepping into bed.

*(11) Based on CADR measurements according to GB/T-18801/20

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